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Jenna Puerto Rico

Jenna’s a pretty easy subject to photograph because she’s extremely laid back and extremely comfortable in her
own skin. I met her in 1st grade and we’ve been close friends ever since, and every time I’m around her, it still amazes
me how comfortable she is with herself. I guess that’s not a characteristic I see that often in people so when I’m
around someone who’s that secure, I take notice. She’s very good at putting you at ease, which makes sense seeing
that she’s a doctor. We both live in the same state now so it’s easier to see her throughout the year. These
photos were taken in Old San Juan where as you can tell we spent a lot of time!

Jenna Puerto Rico 2

Jenna’s wearing an RVCA tank and skirt, Aldo sandals, and Lucky bag.

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Old San JuanView More

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Puerto Rico 4

This is the first time I’ve really brought my camera on a trip so I was eager to take some snaps, but after awhile
I realized that I was barely going to appear in any of them. Oh well, c’est la vie right? Old San Juan was probably
my favorite area of Puerto Rico from an urban perspective because of the history tied to the architecture. When
you venture north you can get away from the tourist spots because the cruise ships dock right at the base of OSJ.
And then if you keep on walking north, you get to overlook the ocean and the big fort! It’s really been a great
trip so far and very grounding to be around friends I’ve known for 20+ years.

Old San Juan Puerto Rico 3

My friend Jenna!

Old San Juan Puerto Rico 2

Old San Juan Puerto Rico 5

Old San Juan Puerto Rico 6

My friend Charry who I tried to do an impromptu “photo shoot” with, but we ended up laughing because I was
drilling her like a sergeant (“Take your hand off your hip, don’t smile too much, look relaxed though!”).

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What I’m Wearing in Puerto Rico!View More

Aesthetic.Li Outfits 04152014

Hey everyone, I’m coming to you live from Puerto Rico! My friend Jenna, who you’ll soon meet on the blog, took
these photos of me in Old San Juan. We’ve been having a great time here, horseback riding on the beach, hiking
in El Yunque rainforest, eating lots of food, and even taking a local Zumba class. I’m here with four of
my childhood friends for a girls trip since we never see each other.

Aesthetic.Li Outfits 04152014 2

I decided to be print-astic in PR with this ASOS top and skirt.

Photos by Jenna Laviña Boyhan
Edited by me

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Tell Me About Your Hair – GinaView More

Gina Haircut 04142014

“Generally, I’m kind of lazy in the morning. I love accessorizing and having an outward style, but I won’t put a ton
of work into my hair so I like to go for styles that are pretty easy to take care of, but very distinct. I looked a
ton on Instagram and put in hashtags like #bobs and #bobswithbangs. I’ve always wanted Alexa Chung’s hair,
but my hair doesn’t do that because she has this wavy sensibility so I guess I kind of started from her.
I knew that I wanted bangs and I knew I wanted to cut it short.”

Gina Haircut 04142014 2

“I use Redkin Glass, it’s a shine serum, and I’ve actually used it now for 15 years. Just for straight, slick hair,
it’s awesome. I’ve strayed away and always gone back.” – Gina

Gina Haircut 04142014 3

Gina’s wearing Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in “Lovesick.”

Photographed & interviewed by Aliya Armorer

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Puerto Rico BoundView More

Puerto Rico Gif

Hey peeps! Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as usual, I’ve been super busy and stressed!! Next time I decide to
plan a vacation with my friends right around tax time please tell me to calm. down. Anyways, I’m off to Puerto
Rico!!!! Never been before and I’m linking up with my childhood friends so if you have any suggestions of places
to eat or non-touristy things to do, let me know! Hopefully, some photos of my travel will make their
appearance on the blog! Have a great weekend!! #exclamationoverload

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Speaking of Style – ChiView More

San Francisco Street Style 04102014

San Francisco Street Style 04102014 3

“It’s very tough when it comes to categorizing myself into a certain style. There’s times when I want to dress more
boho like the Olsens or grungy like Erin Wasson, and the next day I might want to live in my cozy sweater and rock
my Nike Flyknits with a bun on my head like Adrianne Ho. Primarily the number one most important thing to me
is comfort, and feeling good in what I wear. Learning to balance your style by color, fabric, texture, and
silhouette is not always easy, but once you find your essentials and the pieces that suit you the most,
putting an outfit together just becomes second nature.” – Chi

San Francisco Street Style 04102014 2

Hometown | Grew up in China – LA – Portland – San Francisco
Occupation | Personal Banker
Go To Outfit | My Vintage Levi’s 501s or 606s, classic white tee, black Acne Pistol boots,
and leather jacket is a MUST.
Style Tip | Minimal, learn to feel comfortable yet sexy in my own skin. I like to stick to a laid-back Cali girl vibe,
keep it simple and cool, and don’t over do it to confuse myself (cause I’ll just end up looking confused, lol).
Favorite Blogs |
Freunde von Freunden, Miss Moss, Lace & Tea
Favorite Brands | The Reformation, Acne, Creatures of Comfort
Shop Spots | Steven Alan, Wasteland, Mill, AB Fits, Voyager, General Store, Painted Bird,
No, and thrift shops here and there just to name a few.
Currently Listening to? | Rhye – “Woman,” Lykke Li – “I Never Learn,” Beyonce – “BEYONCE”
Style icon(s) | Alexa Chung, Erin Wasson, Kiko Mizuhara, Elli-Rose

Chi’s wearing a Nanushka top, Rachel Comey dress, Acne boots, and a vintage Coach backpack.

Photographed & interviewed by Aliya Armorer

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CandaceView More


“Over the course of 3 years, I lost about 50 pounds. It started mostly because of health reasons since I have
diabetes, high blood pressure, and all kinds of crazy, nasty stuff on both sides of my family. My doctor basically
said, “You’re 27, you either deal with this now or deal with this later so just do it now you’re young. I had been
the same size pretty much my whole life, and I was always comfortable because it was never an issue with the
people around me. I knew that I was plus-size, and I knew that I weighed more than my friends, but for me,
my size was never a factor in who I was as a person, and it never was apart of my identity I guess. But I noticed
when I started with the weight loss journey and taking better care of myself that I had to also check myself
mentally. Since I never looked at my body judgingly and never really had a lot of people comment on it, once
I started losing weight, I had people say, “Oh you look so great” or “Keep it up,” and it made me look at myself
and think, I guess you do look better now, you kind of did look bad before. I never had to deal with that before
so that part of the journey was difficult. I definitely fight more than I did before with the attitudes I have towards
myself. My thought process is definitely a lot harsher and more critical since the weight loss, but I’m really
focusing on putting emphasis on taking care of my body and being kind to myself in all aspects so not only in
terms of what I eat, but also mentally with the thoughts I have towards myself, just being really gracious and
kind. I feel like I try to just talk about it and be about it and spread it, especially with other people in my
life because it makes it a little bit easier for me too.”


Once I started with the company I’m at now, doing customer service and talking to women all over and hearing
the way they talked about their bodies, I kind of realized just how ridiculous it is. The fact that there’s not a lot
of weight or importance put on women really being happy with their bodies, it’s just not something that you’re
taught to do. Especially for me, I grew up in a really conservative, Christian background so I think the idea of
being really meek and mild and not prideful or boastful was emphasized instead of being like, “I love myself,
I’m great, I’m fantastic.” At my job now, I share an office with three women and we notice that when one of us
would say something bad about ourselves we literally would all just dog pile on top of it. So we have a jar now
and if you say something negative about yourself you have to put money in the jar and then tally on a board and
whoever at the end of the month has the least amount gets the money. For me, it makes me aware because it’s so
easy first thing in the morning to come in and be like, “I look crazy today” or even when someone gives you a
compliment, not really accept it. That’s something I’ve gotten more comfortable doing. You just have to
accept yourself and embrace it.” – Candace

Photographed & interviewed by Aliya Armorer

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Today’s Inspo – Zio ZieglerView More

Zio Ziegler Mural San-Francisco

Zio Ziegler Mural San Francisco

Initially, I didn’t know the name of this artist, only seeing his murals from afar, but I wanted to show you my
favorite piece.
Zio Ziegler’s work is easily identifiable and unforgettable, and also the main reason I choose
to drive down Mission Street in SF. If you want to know more about him, In The Make did a feature on
Zio earlier last year. Happy Weekend!

Images | 1, 2

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Speaking of Style – AmeliaView More

San Francisco Street Style 04032014

“My style has a direct relationship with the type of music, art, and movies I’m into as well as the people I surround
myself with. I went through a phase where I wore strictly skater shoes and t-shirts and then transitioned to floral
everything. I probably owned enough dresses and cardigans to wear a different one everyday for weeks. My latest
obsession for a while now would have to be the 90’s. Jelly shoes, chokers and bucket hats are all back in style
and I’m really excited about the collection of overalls I have coming along!” – Amelia

San Francisco Street Style 04032014 2

“Growing up in the city has probably had the most influence on how I dress today. There are so many interesting
and exciting people passing though, it’s impossible not to be inspired.”

San Francisco Street Style 04032014 3

“I’ve never been a fan of very saturated colors or neons; a majority of my clothes have a very natural palette.
I find there’s a certain timelessness that comes with a classic black and white outfit.”

San Francisco Street Style 04032014 4

Hometown | Born & raised in San Francisco
Occupation | College student
Go To Outfit | I basically live in a black skater skirt and sweaters! And I never,
ever leave the house with out my gold chain on.
Style Tip | It’s never too hot to wear all black or too cold to wear a skirt.
Favorite Blogs |
Rookie Mag, Wicvh, Fig & Viper
Style Icon | Solange Knowles & Nyane Lebajoa
I appreciate everyone who looks like they put thought into their outfits,
my biggest inspirations come from people watching in cafés.
Shop Spots | I will be eternally devoted to thrift shopping, I’m addicted to Goodwill. My favorite part about shopping is finding a piece you would never find at a mall and figuring out how to make it work.
Currently Listening to? | Park Bench Society – “Room No. 66″

Photographed & interviewed by Aliya Armorer

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