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My Friend Jenna…

April 17, 2014

Jenna Puerto Rico

Jenna’s a pretty easy subject to photograph because she’s extremely laid back and extremely comfortable in her
own skin. I met her in 1st grade and we’ve been close friends ever since, and every time I’m around her, it still amazes
me how comfortable she is with herself. I guess that’s not a characteristic I see that often in people so when I’m
around someone who’s that secure, I take notice. She’s very good at putting you at ease, which makes senseĀ seeing
that she’s a doctor. We both live in the same state now so it’s easier to see herĀ throughout the year. These
photos were taken in Old San Juan where as you can tell we spent a lot of time!

Jenna Puerto Rico 2

Jenna’s wearing an RVCA tank and skirt, Aldo sandals, and Lucky bag.

  • mckenzie.collins

    As a teenager, I always find it really inspiring to meet people with such self-assurance or at least self-content. It’s as if they’ve reached a stage when they don’t just know who they are, but also what they’re doing here, and why they’re doing it. And they’re happy with just that – what’s important, ya know. I hope to reach that stage sometime too.

  • Charry Jane Mendoza Dullas

    Perfect description of Jenna. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful friend.