“Underwear” fashion in K-pop MVs raises parents’ concerns

"Underwear" fashion in K-pop MVs raises parents' concerns

“Underwear” fashion in K-pop! Today, let’s chat about something interesting happening in the world of K-pop, and it’s not just about music – it’s about fashion too! There’s a new trend called the “pantsless look,” and it’s raising some eyebrows among parents. What’s all the fuss about? Let’s find out!

“Underwear” fashion in K-pop : What’s the Pantsless Look?

Underwear” fashion in K-pop, the pantsless look is all about wearing shorts that look like underwear or, sometimes, not wearing any pants at all! Imagine going out with just shorts that look like undies – pretty silly, right?

"Underwear" fashion in K-pop MVs raises parents' concerns

“Underwear” fashion in K-pop  Stars and the Trend:

Some super famous K-pop groups like LE SSERAFIM, BLACKPINK, SISTAR, and more are showing off this pantsless style in their music videos (MV). It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, let’s try something new and cool!”

“Underwear” fashion in K-pop : Who Started It? Huh Yunjin in Action:

One K-pop star, Huh Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM, recently appeared in a video wearing a white bralette and gray panties with a long pink jacket. She looked confident and stylish, but some parents are worried that young people might copy this look.

“Underwear” fashion in K-pop : Growing Concern Among Parents:

Why are parents concerned? Well, they’re worried that teenagers might see these cool stars rocking the pantsless look and want to try it too. But guess what? Wearing undies as outer clothes might not be the best idea for everyone!

Is it Just Fashion Fun?

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, right? Some people think the pantsless look is just a fun and creative way for K-pop stars to express themselves. But, of course, not everyone agrees.

Fashion Trends Come and Go:

You know, fashion trends are like waves – they come and go. Maybe the pantsless look is just a quick trend that will change soon. Who knows, maybe the next big thing will be wearing superhero capes every day!

Talking to Your Parents:

If you see something cool in K-pop or anywhere else and you’re curious about it, it’s always a good idea to talk to your parents. They can help you understand if it’s something you should try or maybe wait until you’re a bit older.


So, my little fashionistas, that’s the scoop on the pantsless look in K-pop. It’s all about having fun with fashion, but we also need to think about what’s appropriate for us. Remember, you can always be your own trendsetter in a way that makes you feel happy and comfortable. Stay stylish and have fun exploring the world of fashion!